How we got started with NovaTech….

One of our partners owns a health services company.  It’s no secret that the health services industry has faced many uncertainties over the recent past.  As people of integrity and in a step of self preservation, they decided to build a “war chest”, a rainy day fund available to assist the company in lean times and keep employees and vendors current with their commitment to them.

They desired stability with a track record, a better than inflation rate of return, and liquidity for quick access to their capital in time of need.

So where to place these dollars?  Keeping five to six figures in a bank while an option did not provide a reasonable rate of return, the stock market seemed way too volatile and real estate, illiquid with a possible burst of the bubble.

After inquiring with contacts, friends, brokers, CFO’s of other companies and fellow investors, they came upon a hedge fund that not only met, but exceeded their expectations.

NovaTech specializes in Forex, Crypto, and precious metals and has been in operation over 3 years.  It has averaged an amazing return per week which its investors were allowed to reinvest and compound.  Investor capital is available with a no hassle, simple process to withdraw.


Crypto/Forex Hedge Fund


A Deeper Diver


NovaTech was established in June 2019 as a registered Hedge Fund company. 

With a fully automated cryptocurrency and Forex trading platform, NovaTech 

provides customers with affordable investment solutions, using the most 

sophisticated and latest technologies available.


NovaTech is a registered Meta Trader broker operating its own trading platform 

with one of the deepest liquidity pools in the industry.


PAMM Account – Let The Experts Trade For You (Preferred for the novice)  

The PAMM account is a unique product that allows investors to earn without 

the need for knowledge or experience in trading. You can invest your funds in 

NovaTech’s master accounts to be traded by our experienced team of traders. 

There is no need for trading knowledge, experience, or skills.



NovaTech Consistently Delivers Results

From the time of its inception, NovaTech’s track record speaks for itself with 90+ straight weeks

of documented profit distribution. An average of 2% – 4% in shared profits has been consistently paid to members each week. 

Note: Past Performance is not indicative of future results and should not be construed in any way as a guaranteed ROI.


What Is Compound Profit?


Compound profit is the addition of profit to the principal sum of a deposit. It is the result of reinvesting the profit, rather than paying it out.

Then the profit in the next period is earned on the principal sum plus the previously accumulated profit. 

Compound Interest is the

Most Powerful Force in the Universe!

~ Albert Einstein

Click on the Image Above to try the Calculator for yourself.

The compound calculator is not associated with NovaTech, nor is it endorsed by the company. Earnings shown here are examples of compound mathematics and should be used as educational purposes only.

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